93 Year Old Finally Agrees To Marry Friend At Retirement Home, And Her Photos Will Bring Tears Of Joy To Your Eyes

New brides do have one enormous problem. What to wear on their wedding day. With the same problem, Sylvia Martin is facing and she is not a new ordinary bride.

Here is one unusual story that will bring tears of joy to your eyes.

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It used to be simple, or at least easier. A bride would wear a white dress. With a color sort of pre-chosen, “all” that she would need to fret about was the style.

Thankfully, brides-to-be often have their mother and friends around to help make that all-important decision. As times have changed, though, so have dress expectations.

It’s not a foregone conclusion that she’ll walk down the aisle in white. Old traditions are making way for new opportunities.

But for the modern bride, this just complicates things even further. If the only “certainty” with the dress, its color, is no longer a sure thing, well what’s a girl to do?

On top of all the dress options, not everyone has a style-savvy posse to help them make that crucial selection. Take Martin, for instance.

This blushing new bride is a beautiful 93 years old. Her age doesn’t take marriage off the table, but it does limit her support system.

Thankfully she has what could be seen as the next best thing — the internet. This woman has turned to the internet for help in choosing the dress to wear on her wedding day.

Martin went shopping for her gown at Birdsnest, an Australian shop. Unable to make up her mind, she decided to post her options to Facebook to see what others thought.

And what did people think? The general consensus of just about the entire internet is that Martin nailed every aspect of every dress. “Flawless” was a word used quite often.

It’s so encouraging to see people taking the opportunity to build each other up rather than tear each other down. The internet can be a beautiful place.

Martin is marrying a longtime friend named Frank Raymond. The two met in a retirement village where Frank has proposed many, many times.

Initially, Martin was concerned that she wouldn’t be honoring her late husband if she had to take on her new husband’s name. But after a bit of time, a brief illness, and learning that she wouldn’t be required to change her name, Martin relented.

Oh — and she chose dress C for her wedding. The public loved dress D so much, though, that she made sure the get that one too for later occasions.

She, Raymond, and the world couldn’t be happier for this bout of love at long last. Cheers to the bride and groom!

Such an interesting and melting story worth reading… We wish them the best years filled with happiness and love.