America HATES Michelle Obama!!!

Michelle Obama recently learned that she was not as popular a First Lady as she would have liked to believe. According to CNN, First Lady Melania Trump’s approval ratings are soaring and up 16% since the President was officially sworn into office. Over 50% of Americans view Melania favorably. The same cannot be said for Michelle. Americans across the country are rejoicing over the termination of her horrendous “legacy.”

Penn-Trafford High School administrators recently canceled all involvement in Michelle’s school food program. This course of action engendered the elation and joy of a plethora of students. The decision was finalized after the school’s struggle to adhere to federal regulations. Their budget is now on track since severing ties with Michelle’s unpopular program.

Direct business manager Lago reports that Penn-Trafford suffered a $40,000 loss from Michelle’s program. Additionally, students were chucking the mandated items included in their meals. One student commented on the full capacity of the school’s trashcans. “The trash cans were always full, sometimes overflowing.You don’t see that now. People would go up to the snack line and get random junk food, where now you can get an actual meal and eat it,” Brianna Lander reports. Michelle’s program was clearly unwanted and unneeded. Young people have rejoiced over their newfound power to select their lunches without Michelle interfering.

Michelle Obama is most likely shocked by the intense loathing that she attracted during her horrific years as First Lady. She is not, and was never, popular amongst the American people. Her policies were horrendous and flagrant statements of only loving America after the election of her husband did not help her standing either. It is such a a relief for the Obamas to be gone forever. They will not be missed.

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