Americans Are Furious: Iran Makes Billion Dollar Cash Bombshell on Obama

Once again the American nation is annoyed by former President Obama’s decisions in the past. After more details of Obama’s Iran Deal were made visible for the public eye they lost it.

As we all know by now, Obama freed 18 Iranian terrorists and apparently he also supplied this world’s largest sponsor of terrorism with many billions of US taxpayer dollars.

via Patriot Journal

Originally Obama had told Congress that the Iranians being freed were “innocent civilians” and the money being given to Iran totaled “$400 million”. These lies would have been grounds for impeachment under Article 1, Section 3, Clause 7 of the Constitution.

But since Obama is already out of office, Republican members of the House Oversight Committee are now investigating how Obama’s lies have undermined their efforts to stop terrorism in the Middle East.

And how the former president has likely made Iran an ever more formidable foe to face.

Regional reports say that at the end of April, Iranian officials announced Iran’s defense budget had increased by 145% under President Hassan Rouhani, adding that Iran wanted its military to become “a forward moving force.” Last October, legislators told The Washington Free Beacon that U.S. taxpayer funds were likely being used to sponsor attacks on American military forces.

The Beacon reports, “Leading members of Congress and U.S. officials working on the Iran portfolio suspect that at least a portion of the Obama administration’s $1.7 billion cash payment to Iran has been used to fund and support terrorists in the Middle East.”

Members of Congress who fought against the Iran deal are livid that American dollars are being used to fund a military that hates the United States.

One such Congressman is Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI), who angrily stated that, “President Obama flat-out caved in to Iran when he handed them the disastrous nuclear deal and $1.7 billion in cash payments that could assist Iran’s military. So it’s no surprise that the world’s lead sponsor of terrorism would feel emboldened to become more aggressive in the region and flex its military muscle.”


Yes, Obama is the one guilty and has treason on his shoulders to carry for the rest of his life. Even if Iran decides to still make a mess out in the Middle East, President Trump is the one in office and by now he made it clear that he is no Obama and takes actions against our enemies. No matter who they are of course.