Bill O’Reilly And Fox Need To Meet For Some Final Documentation

Fox News is vehemently trying to smooth things over with Bill O’Reilly following his dramatic exit from the network.

They’re scared of what he can do.

According to Extra, the cable news outlet is “in a scramble” because O’Reilly was not been previously signed to a non-compete clause, this would allow him to move on to competitive networks without any ramifications.

Sources told informed Extra that Fox News is even offering O’Reilly $20 million to sign a non-compete clause after the fact. They have likely lost his loyalty already.

The media giant, Bill O’Reilly was forced out of his position following a series of sexual harassment allegations made against him. Soon after the ordeal went public, the veteran TV host was very angry at the “unfounded claims.”

But now, the network’s sexual harassment scandal has grown beyond just a few employees: Radar recently learned that federal investigators have questioned employees about “possible misconduct” at the embattled cable network.

According to CNN, “The U.S. Justice Department’s investigation of Fox News has widened to include a second law enforcement agency.”

“Financial crimes experts from the United States Postal Inspection Service are now involved,” the report claimed, citing four sources connected to the investigation.

Bill O’Reilly will likely avoid signing this document as he and other giants are reconvening for a possible rival conservative cable news outlet.

Fox will lose a lot of viewers because of this possible development. The left ousted Bill and now he is looking to come back with a vengeance.

Fox and it’s controlling staff will be in big trouble if Bill takes a primetime spot that would attempt to rival Fox’s current lineup. Even though Tucker Carlson is doing very well in his new slot.

Beware Fox News; conservatives are going to beat you at your own game.

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