Breaking News: Rush Limbaugh Just Revealed Obama’s True Identity

Lately, liberals together with the mainstream media are trying to blame Trump for everything. They do not care do their accusations make sense and in case you noticed you are right. Their claims do not make any sense.

You are not the only on tough. During a radio show, Rush Limbaugh shared the same opinion with the listeners. He actually commented more about the whole Democrats – Trump – Russia issue and told people that the end is near for this worthless, untrue rumor.

via Red Nation Report

“The progressive-lead attempt, the agenda of delegitimizing the Trump presidency, is beginning to unravel,” Limbaugh stated on his show. He referred to a statement by top terror prosecutor Andrew McCarthy on “The Fox News Specialists” yesterday. “There’s no ‘there’ there as far as the collusion conspiracy is concerned,” McCarthy told Eric Bolling.

Trump’s son-in-law and close adviser Jared Kushner became the latest focus of the Russia investigation but McCarthy pointed out that there would be no reason for Kushner to set up a back channel to Russia.

“I know for the moment they’re loving the story. But I think it’s kind of exploded the story that they’ve been telling us for six months,” he said.

Limbaugh agreed with McCarthy, saying that every time an individual has found themselves at the wrong end of the investigation, Democrats have come up short of evidence of illegal activity.

“This over-the-top behavior is gonna come back and bite these people, and they’re going to continue to lose elections,” Limbaugh said.

Those claims are indeed ridiculous. I agree with Rush on this one and you should also stand by his and President’s side. This nonsense should be stopped once and for all.