Elizabeth Warren Exiled by…Democrats!

Far leftist Elizabeth Warren has felt the sting of rejection from her own Party. Following the Democrats’ humiliating 2016 loss, they focused their efforts on choosing a suitable candidate to run against President Trump in 2020. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are already been eliminated in terms of viable options. Democrats are reportedly seeking a candidate that represents change. In other words, a candidate who is not plagued with plights of scandal and corruption (like Hillary Clinton) and who is also not too extreme ( like Bernie Sanders.) For awhile, the general consensus was that liberals would rally behind Elizabeth Warren and get her ready for 2020, but recent news has disproved that theory.


Townhall announced that Democrats classified Elizabeth Warren as “a bit uncanny.” Senator Heidi Heitkamp took it a step further and slammed Elizabeth Warren, saying that the notion of her representing the Democrat Party is “ridiculous, especially when you look at voting records and where we’ve been.” The Political Insider hypothesized that Warren’s unpopularity amongst the Democrats stems from their desire to embark on a new path.


The irony of these conclusions is too entertaining to miss. Perhaps Warren’s irate tirades against President Trump throughout the campaign backfired on her in ways that she had not anticipated. Republicans certainly are not in her fan club and as of now, neither are Democrats. Elizabeth Warren is clearly a representation of the “old” Democrat Party, or the Establishment, if you will. She rallied behind Hillary Clinton in 2016 and fiercely supported her. Perhaps the Democrats wish to chose a representative who has not tied themselves to the corrupt establishment at every turn.

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