Erik Bolling Blows Liberal Hearts and Minds, Shows WHO REALLY Elected Trump

New York – Erik Bolling the host “The Five” on Fox News just broke down the presidential vote by demographic groups and shocked his co-host Geraldo Rivera. The results are startling.

My guess is even more Hollywood liberals can be expected to call their travel agenst to look to to escape the America they don’t think exists. Because as these numbers show, America is a far different country than previously thought.

Watch the video here:





Erik clearly shows that the myth of Trump voters being angry white racists is just that, a liberal myth to make them feel good about getting crushed in this election.

The facts show something totally different. Trump got 30% of the Hispanic vote. 30% of the total Hispanic vote which translates to an 8% more Hispanic votes than Romney got! That is a huge number folks.

When you consider all the negative attacks aimed at Trump in the media but especially in the Hispanic media like Univision these numbers are absolutely stunning.

Add the fact that Hillary was counting on the Hispanic vote to carry her to victory and sunk enormous resources into securing this key demographic’s support while Trump spent virtually nothing these numbers are nothing short of a total repudiation of the liberal arguments that have for years kept minority voting blocks tied to them.  Because they had no choice was the theory.

To prove that further, Trump spoke openly to the African American community asking them what do you have to lose? The democrats have not delivered for you.

African American’s gave Trump 7% more votes than they did Romney in 2012.


Regarding women, all the experts said they hated Trump and would trun out in record numbers for Hillary.

What is actually happened is quite different — Trump got 1% less women vote than Obama got. Basically a tie.


These numbers are staggering. First off, all the experts said these 3 key minority groups would never cast their votes for Trump, they predicted a huge decrease in % versus Romney — a decrease they all said would be fatal to Trump’s chances.

Only Donlad Trump said he would increase his vote totals among these key groups. In fact liberal firebrand recently used these numbers to take liberals to task for saying Trump only got “white votes” explaining that Trump got a huge number of minority votes that no one thought was possible.

Share this story with anyone who thinks Trump’s supporters were all angry white men please, we need the whole truth to get out there. Our nation is unified not divided and we came together around Trump’s campaign. Because all American’s know Washington DC is not working for them.

Not anymore it ain’t.

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