Huma Abedin’s Family Caught in FBI Raid

Sadly Dearborn, Michigan like the rest is infected with Muslims and Muslim sympathizers. Due to it, the FBI made a major step forward in action.

FBI raided a home on June 1st due to suspicions of exposing an infestation in both parties. There may be a possible link between Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin.

via The Conservative Break

Feds targeted a home on Johnathon Street which is “owned by a subsidiary of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs – an Abedin family business that employs Huma’s brother and sister. Huma had worked for the company in the past.”

Agents with the FBI said that the raid had to do with matters of national security but that there was no imminent threat to the area.

On June 5, Detroit news on WXYZ stated that the investigation involves a party from outside the state, but that possible evidence was believed to be in the Dearborn home.

The Detroit station also fulfilled their oath of fealty of the Left by dismissing the links to Abedin and her family, but such dismissals have been heard before and guess what, they turn up to be true.

What else should happen to this country before the Lefts understand how threatening the Islam is? How many more examples do we need?