Just in – London Attacked Identified, The World Is Shocked, It’s Worse That We Thought

The things are worse than we thought… I do not know if you remember but, a year ago, there was a documentary floating on BBC which was called “The Jihadist Next Door”. Many Muslim extremists appeared and had wished to implement Sharia Law plus shared sympathies towards ISIS.

Before the documentary even aired on TV, one of the jihadists included by name Abu Rumayasah left back for Syria and became one of their executioners. Take a look at these pictures:

via Allen B West

It’s a shame the documentary didn’t inspire any vigilante justice – because it would’ve prevented one of Saturday’s terror attacks in London.

According to the Evening Standard, MI5 and police faced growing pressure today over whether the London Bridge murders could have been prevented after it emerged that at least one of the attackers was a known extremist who had been reported to the authorities.

Neighbours in the block of flats in Barking where “Abs” — one of the three alleged terrorists — lived said that he had been thrown out of his local mosque because of his views and had a reputation for aggressive behaviour.

There were further claims that he had twice been reported to police over fears about his extremism and that police had last month secretly recorded Islamic State-inspired plotters in Barking talking about mounting a van and knife attack.

Footage of the killer, who is understood to be aged 27 and of Pakistani heritage, has also emerged from a Channel 4 documentary last year in which he is seen among a group of radicals unveiling an Islamic State flag in a London park.

Currently, as few reports say there are over 23,000 suspected jihadists who are monitored by the British government and intelligence. We soon hope that they will take some serious measurements and end this chaos.