Michigan Makes Trump’s Landslide Victory Official

Michigan has just certified President-elect Donald Trump as its official winner. Michigan is the last state to certify their results and with this win Trump’s landslide victory is complete.


Trump had the right message to draw crowds like these to Michigan, while Clinton could barely full a small room. But he also simply outworked her.

Traveling to the state many times, competing in other Blue states Hillary took for granted. Arrogant Hillary did not even visit Wisconsin after the 1st Presidential debate and came to Michigan on the eve of the election only because her internal polls had her losing.

This is the perfect example of arrogant neglect the DC establishment has for average Americans.

Contrast that with Trump putting the concerns of the average American over those of the elite establishment and it is easy to see why Trump crushed Hillary in an historical landslide.

According to Politico the total vote count was close,

“Michigan’s Board of Canvassers certified the results on Monday afternoon in Lansing. Trump won 2,279,543 votes (47.6 percent), according to the certified results — 10,704 more than Hillary Clinton’s 2,268,839 (47.4 percent).”

Trump’s victory was so huge, he does not need Michigan’s 16 electoral votes to claim victory. But they are nice to have in his pocket and show the enormous amount of nationwide support he has.

Jill Stein, in a shameless grab for cash, has indicted she will ask for a recount in Michigan.

Another doomed effort by the liberals no doubt.

Another scam they can rook their supporters with.

Look, this is not old news, liberals have always tried to scam their way the top.

The difference is we finally have a President in Trump who believes hard work is the best way to accomplish your goals. With that attitude it is easy to see why he won such an epic landslide and why he is already making America great again.

Do you stand with Trump on this issue or with the always scamming Liberals?