Obama Order Rolled Back, Thank God We’re Finally Returning To Normal, Liberals Furious

During his presidency, Barack Obama wanted to allow transgender people to join the army. He wanted to end discrimination against this people. However, this order is delayed. It will cost a lot of money in order to treat transgender people better where the biological sex wouldn’t mean anything. Also, the living spaces and showers shouldn’t be divided for men or women only.

Via The Federalist Papers

Expect even more liberal hysteria now that that Pentagon has reportedly delayed a controversial order by former President Barack Obama that would have allowed transgender applicants to begin serving in the military this summer.

Sources confirmed to the Military Times that the July 1 deadline has been indefinitely delayed “as senior leaders within each of the services voice lingering concerns about the Obama-era policy intended to end discrimination but dismissed by critics as social experimentation.”

Leaders worry over the funding required to implementing a transgender-friendly military where biological sex would mean absolutely nothing. The military would have “to retrofit group showers and make other unspecified accommodations within communal living spaces,” for instance.

Some might argue that taxpayer funds should be spent on more pertinent issues, such as purchasing better equipment for our men and women in uniform.

As it stands, an estimated 7,000 transgender troops already serve in the military’s active-duty force, but aren’t currently being provided preferential treatment of any kind.

The greatest concern is that catering to those with gender-related delusions will negatively impact the military’s readiness. A study performed last year by the RAND Corporation on behalf of the Pentagon found that some “transgender troops would have ‘reduced deployability’ due to gender transition treatment,” according to USA Today.

The fact that transgender soldiers are even allowed to pursue “gender transition treatment” while serving in the military is even more disconcerting.

Question: Is the military designed to serve as a personal playground for the disturbed, or as a cohesive fighting unit?

Because if it’s designed for the latter, then there’s no valid reason on Earth that so-called “transgender” men and women should be allowed to pursue their personal delusions of grandeur while in service of the military.


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Retired Gen. Jerry Boykin agrees. In a column for Breitbart published earlier in the week, he argued that Defense Secretary James Mattis should “focus on war-fighting” and “ditch the social engineering.”

“Secretary Mattis must consider the many complex ramifications of these Obama-era policies that remain in effect,” he wrote. “The DOD and the Congress need to ensure the priorities of the U.S. armed forces remain those that the Secretary has outlined:  mission readiness, command proficiency, and combat effectiveness.”

Indeed. And sorry, but transgender “social [fake] science” has nothing whatsoever to do with the three priorities above.

This delay shouldn’t come as a surprise since Trump is changing everything Obama left in his legacy. Transgender people can join the army, but they won’t receive any special treatments. It’s better to use taxpayers money for more relevant things.


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