Obama Tossed From Private Club

Don’t go back to Rockville Barack.  Not after what the members of the Rockville Woodmont Country Club just did to you.

Barack Obama was secretly gifted a free membership in this exclusive club. The cost of the initiation fee is $80,000 then each member pays upward of 10k a year in fees and maintenance.

Nice gift huh? Not so fast say club members.

You see this club happens to be a predominantly Jewish club. And the members are not happy with Obama’s shameful treatment of Israel.

One told the New York Post,

“In light of the votes at the UN and the Kerry speech and everything else, there’s this major uproar with having him part of the club, and a significant portion of the club has opposed offering him membership.”

Said another,

“Can you imagine how angry I would be if I had paid $80K to have to look at this guy who has done more to damage Israel than any president in American history?”

And then there was this member,

“After the UN vote and attack on Israel, I think it probably hurts the club. If there is a club that excludes Jews, he would probably be more comfortable around those folks.”

Don’t go back to Rockville Obama, you are not welcome.