Rush Just Made Huge Reveal On Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes was a man that made a large number of enemies through the years. He basically reigned with Fox for almost two decades but among the fact that some people despised him, he was a respected man. He had his own principle and conservative values which people often respected indeed.

Sadly, the former CEO has passed away; his wife on Thursday morning announced the news. A few hours later, the radio show host Rush Limbaugh, said some words for the person who once was close friend and colleague of his.

via Western Journalism

“Don’t back off on traditional values. It’s important to show respect and tolerance for others, but they must show the same respect for your values. Tolerance is a two-way street,” Ailes said during the Westchester-Putnam Council of the Boy Scouts of America in 2009. “Don’t be afraid of challenges. Much of your success will come from taking on difficult situations.”

Limbaugh said he intended for the show to counter negative thoughts and opinions floating around in the wake of Ailes’ passing.

“What I would like for people know is the Roger Ailes that I knew — the brilliant, inspiring, motivating, compassionate, funny — the most naturally funny human being I have ever met,” Limbaugh said.

“I’ve never encountered Roger Ailes in despair. He wouldn’t allow himself to be,” he added. “I’ve never been around him when he was fatalistic or even depressed. Quite the opposite. He had virtually every characteristic of great leadership.”

Limbaugh played clips of past speeches he made, including one from a 2009 address to the same Westchester-Putnam Council of the Boy Scouts of America, where Limbaugh credited the longtime Fox patriarch for teaching him “how to take being hated as a measure of success.”

“The person that taught me to deal with this and to remain psychologically healthy was Roger Ailes,” Limbaugh told the group. “And had that not happened, I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am tonight.”

Much has been made of the turmoil of the last year of Ailes’ life, beginning with his resignation from Fox News after allegations of sexual harassment by former anchor Gretchen Carlson. Ailes vigorously denied the claims but stepped down to avoid becoming a distraction.

“Having spent 20 years building this historic business, I will not allow my presence to become a distraction from the work that must be done every day to ensure that Fox News and Fox Business continue to lead our industry,” he said after announcing his resignation.

Despite his continued refutations of Carlson’s claim, Ailes’ reputation was never the same afterward. The lawsuit triggered a seismic series of events within the flagship news network, as it has undergone changes in leadership and witnessed one of its biggest stars, Bill O’Reilly, fall prey to claims of sexual harassment.

Limbaugh said the Roger Ailes he knew was different from the one being painted by the media. Some writers have gone as far as to call the deceased Fox head a “lecherous, misogynistic and terrible boss” who “spent his life fighting for a world where men are free to exploit women.”

The radio host called such critics “pissants” who “will never accomplish five percent” of what Ailes did.

“These are people that did not know him, that prejudged him, that were jealous,” he said. “People who were envious, and people who felt the need to take down a serious enemy who threatened what they consider to be to be their rightful hold on the media, on America, or what have you. Some of the things being said just today about Roger Ailes are absolutely untrue.”

Limbaugh emphasized Ailes’ character and resolve, calling him “tough as nails.”

“Roger Ailes has accomplished things in life that few people will ever even attempt, and it’s one of the reasons why there’s so many people that are jealous, so many people who are envious, and so many people who want to knock all of this down and characterize it as something other than what it is,” Limbaugh said. “And what it is — what it was — was greatness.”

We all know that people in real life, especially politicians are different than the media. He was not a terrible boss at all but he was tough. Such a terrible loss, may he rest in peace!