Spoiled College Student Gets Harsh Dose of Reality From Trump Loving Professor

When a student at Colorado State University asked his professor for an extension on his homework he gave an unusual reason,

“The election of the most evil hateful person to ever run for president has me very upset and I need time to process it all and get centered, so I can figure out how I am going to get through this. I just can’t even right now. This is so hard. I really need another week to start the healing process you know. I’ll post next weekend I’d appreciate not getting points docked because of the circumstances that are beyond my control”

Since the election, students have been some of the most vocal groups of trump protesters. Rather than passionate issue based protest or a belief in Hillary most seem to be like this guy…

A two year old stomping his feet about the house because he didn’t get what he wanted.

These students have been coddled for too long by the political correct culture that lets them express fake outage at everything and make nonsense demands when they are not listened to.

Professor Refuses To Cave To Spoiled Student

Thankfully this professor stood her ground and told the student he was out of luck. The real world doesn’t work that way and he would definitely be docked points.

After this story went viral the professor spoke with the Independent Journal Review where she said,

“Students need to realize that we live in a republic where majority rules. That means that the person you voted for doesn’t always win, but you have to just deal with it. I was upset both times Obama won, but I dealt with it. Colleges and professors who baby their students because they’re upset over the election are not doing them any favors. Throwing a tantrum or becoming a basket case when life doesn’t go your way is not how adults behave.

I can’t imagine what these students will do once they enter the workforce and have a difficult boss or a challenging project, or have personal setbacks. We are raising a generation of crybabies who can’t handle life, and if they don’t get it together I’m very worried for the future of this country.”

Our these kids too soft, too entitled. too spolied? Let us know your thoughts.

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