Trump Demolished CNN In This Epic Way, This is Priceless

The mainstream media is sitting and waiting for President Donald Trump to make a mistake in order to show him in a bad light. In a recent tweet, Trump used the word “covfefe” and the media immediately made a story about it. Also, his tweet went viral since nobody understood what he wanted to say. Now, CNN embarrassed themselves since they went on the streets asking people about this word. Trump immediately took it to Twitter and he used the same word again. The White House Secretary Sean Spicer said this so-called mistake was intentional.

Via Red State Watcher

When President Trump used the word “covfefe” no one could have imagined it would blow up to the extent that’s it has. A lot of people thought Trump was sleep texting or drunk texting but the true mystery has been cracked. No one told CNN though.

Sean Spicer addressed the “covfefe” mystery and said it was intentional. After doing some research and using Google Translate, we found “Cov fe’fe” in Arabic means “I will stand up.”

When put into the context of the tweet, it makes total sense. “Despite the constant negative press, I will stand up.”

Sorry libs, President Trump is a genius and wins again!

Trump has just destroyed the media who always trying to report negative stories about him. However, despite the negative press, he will stand up. How will the media, especially CNN, recover from this?


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