Trump Gives Secret Gift To Israel, Pisses off Liberals

Donald Trump believes in giving to charity. Of course the democrats try to make him out to be some Scrooge like figure, but the reality is Trump is generous to a fault. And he does something no democrat would ever do, he keeps his charity private.

Democrats see donating to charity as a photo-op, just another public relations campaign. Trump however sees this charitable giving as a sacred and private matter.

Take the recent reports that Trump donated, in secret mind you, $10,000 to an obscure Jewish charity with big plans.

According to a tax filing, Donald Trump’s foundation gave $10,000 to the Jewish West Bank settlement Beit El settlement’s seminary school. The leader of the non-profit, lawyer David Friedman, is his pick to be ambassador to Israel.

And this is what has liberals pissed off beyond belief. Because Beit El violates Obama’s long-standing policy of appeasing Muslims everywhere instead of challenging them.

Beit El was established in 1977 on a hill on the outskirts of the de facto Palestinian capital of Ramallah. Today, about 1,300 families live in the settlement.  They do not accept Obama’s failed policy of giving into Palestinian demands.

if that wasn’t enough, David Friedman plans to immediately move the US embassy to Jerusalem. Angering Obama and liberals everywhere because liberals are afraid of showing our strength. They shrinj from it while Trump embraces it.

Because that’s how to make america great again.

Beit El founder Yaakov Katz revealed Trump’s donation to Israeli settler radio Sunday.

“If I would have known he would be elected president, I would have saved the check,’ Katz said.