Trump Proven Right Again, Record Number of Illegals Voted

Donald Trump loves messing with liberals. Those fact challenged hypocrites are an easy target to be sure, but Trump has a way of nailing them time and again that no conservative has ever done.

Take the record number of illegal’s who voted (democratic) in this election. 3 million and counting.

When Trump said,

The liberal media went crazy. But facts are facts and they don’t lie.

In a 2014 study it was estimated that 2.2% of total voters were non-citizens, or illegal. With 120 million votes cast, 2.2% = 3 million.

How can this be possible you may ask?

Many states refuse to verify voters. They do not require an ID to cast a ballot. Imagine the most sacred duty we Americans have, voting, is easier to do than buying alcohol.

The solution to this major problem is easy — require an ID to vote.

But the democrats, who rely on illegals to win elections, fight that simple, common sense fix tooth and nail.

President Obama was even caught encouraging illegals to vote, but the media seems to have forgot about this scandal, so we figured we will remind them.


That is why Hillary Clinton teaming up with Jill Stein to call for a recount is such a doomed idea.

When all 3 million illegal votes are thrown out in the recount, Trump’s margin will only increase not decrease.

Proving the recount is a money grabbing scam. A hoax to try to undermine Trump before he can officially drain all the establishment leeches from the swamp.

Please let me know your thoughts below.

h/t Yes I’m Right