Trump’s Tweets DESTROYED The Dems Today

The mainstream media is not a friend of President Trump. We all know that by now. To keep in touch with the American people, trump has turned to social media over and over again, Twitter to be exact.

The media, of course, has this.

He posted a few tweets on Sunday morning:

Trump is right! He knows that the real is story is behing a ton of leaks that are coming out about Trump, and they need to be EXPOSED! The Dems are covering their tracks, and they’re using the media to do it!

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God bless Trump for keeping the media honest. Somebody has to stand up and do it.

Trump is out golfing right now with Rand Paul and probably discussing the next round of healthcare.

The Dems won the battle, but they can’t win the war!

Do you think you can trust the mainstream media today? I sure can’t!