Two Democrat Judges Removed From The Bench In Pennsylvania

In what should absolutely be national news, two Democrat judges were removed from the bench for “case-fixing schemes.”

This is absolutely appalling. The judicial system should always be sacred

One unethically intervened in cases, according to the Pennsylvania Court of Judicial Discipline. The other was “guilty of seven violations of judicial ethics rules, including bringing the court into disrepute,” according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Guess why you’re not hearing about this on the national news?

They are Democrat judges.

“The Pennsylvania Court of Judicial Discipline ruled on Friday that Municipal Court Judge Dawn Segal and Common Pleas Court Judge Angeles Roca be removed from office for their involvement in separate case-fixing schemes.

Lawyers for both judges say they are appealing the decisions to the state Supreme Court.

In October, the disciplinary court found that Roca had unethically intervened in a tax case involving her son by calling then-Municipal Court Judge Joseph Waters Jr., who reached out to Segal, who then reversed herself and issued a ruling favorable to Roca’s son.”

Later in the piece, their political affiliation comes out.

In fact, it’s not mentioned until the 12th paragraph:

“Roca and Segal, both Democrats, had been on unpaid suspension. If the rulings stand, they would be ineligible to hold judicial office in the future.”

If they were Republicans, you can bet their political affiliation would have been higher up in the article, in fact, it would have been immediate.

More than that, this would be national news.

This is more lying journalism. They get pleasure out of misleading the public. They want to tell Americans how to think instead of reporting the truth and trying to let Americans decide for themselves.

If anyone is found guilty of fixing cases as a judge, they should be removed from the bench, disbarred, and it should be very difficult for them to ever work again. These two Democrat judges should be made an example of.

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