US Officials Make The MOST TERRIFYING Announcement Ever – IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING

North Korea threatens the United States again with a nuclear attack. It looks like that North Korea will attack the closest U.S. state Hawaii, although they haven’t said anything about it. Hawaii is far from prepared for a nuclear attack and they don’t even have shelter for the citizens. The U.S. officials must do anything they can to defend this state and prepare them for evacuation if needed.

Via Truth Monitor

Tensions have been rising between the U.S. and North Korea dramatically over the past few weeks as North Korea continues to threaten us with a nuclear attack. Since Hawaii is located closest to North Korea of any U.S. state, officials fear that it will be targeted.

Unfortunately, Hawaii is nowhere near ready for a nuclear attack…

Fox News reported that Hawaii is frantically trying to prepare for a possible attack as citizens are becoming increasingly aware of just how much danger they are really in. Many were terrified to learn that the state does not have nearly enough fallout shelters to accommodate it’s 1.4 million people. Hawaii’s emergency fallout shelter plan has not been updated since the Cold War, leaving the state even more vulnerable.

“There is a need for state leaders to take this threat seriously. A lot has changed since the 1980s, when the emergency management plan was put in place,” said Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii. “With the threat today, it’s likely we would have just minutes of warning of an imminent attack. Going to a shelter may or may not be feasible.”

Lawmakers acknowledge that they have a lot of work to do to protect their people.

“During the Cold War days, there were multiple days to warn people to hunker down into fallout shelters, whereas today, you have minutes,” said Major Gen. Arthur “Joe” Logan, the state’s adjutant general, director of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency and director of the Office of Homeland Security. “Your reaction has got to be taking care of yourself and those around you. You are now that first responder.”

Experts have warned that North Korea either currently possesses or will soon have the capability to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles or nuclear warheads at Hawaii.

“The fact that they may have the capability makes them a threat to Americans,” Denny Roy, an Asian-Pacific security expert at the East-West Center, said. “For decades we’ve known there is this very unsavory, seemingly hostile, character breathing out threats against Americans that were clearly bluffs. But once he has that capability, it is no longer a bluff.”

Please keep the people of Hawaii in your thoughts and prayers!

North Korea’s threats must be taken seriously. It’s unknown where they will attack so it’s better to be prepared from every side of the country.