Vladimir Putin Goes On Live Tv and Makes Huge Announcement And Exposes Who Created Isis

Many people ask themselves what ISIS means. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or the great Caliphate, as Abu Bakr Al’Baghdadi, announced before a year ago. They represent an organisation that has zero care for humanity and are so far away from the evolution progress. They repeatedly show to the world how they do not care for the human existence.

They are evil, twisted and sick. There is not a single man out there with consciousness mind. We are witnessing murders, executions, suicide bombings and whipping off everything that is not compatible with their sick laws.

via Right Forever

They kill, they rape, they do not respect the value of the human life. They destroy archeological and historical monuments thousands of years old. Everyone that disobeys their orders is getting killed in a second. Someone really has to completely destroy this state of pure evil.

What’s even worse in the story is the question: Who and why created ISIS?- and the answer of this question is even more horrifying. Obama, Hillary Clinton and, of course, the “executioner” John McCain. I still can not understand how this person ( John McCain) is still free. At least, there are bunch of pictures on the internet of McCain together with the leaders of ISIS, Al’Nusra and Al’Quaeda. Isn’t that enough?

On the other hand, Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama, together with many other conservative world leaders decided to fight back against the globalists/liberals, the islamic illegal immigration and of course, ISIS ant the islamic terrorism. The liberals, of course, do everything in their power to confront the conservatives, and the conservative wave that spreads across the USA and Europe. Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are BIG PATRIOTS and they love their countries. They show what does it mean to be a patriot and to protect your people. In addition, see the videos below-you will be shocked!

The USA represents one peaceful and religious country which is ready to fight for its national security at any time asked. The Russians also represent one brace and traditional people. If we did not let the cold- war to destroy our relations, together we could fight against the largest evil in this world. Maybe it is not so late. Maybe we could bring peace between us and fight those sick psychopaths.